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"Wayde knows exactly how to capture the moment, he knows how to make the kids smile. My family portraits are too important to trust to just anyone. Never again will I settle for a discount studio photographer." -Sue
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are a gift you give to yourself, your children,
and generations to come..
Each Family Portrait Tells a Story

Tell your story in a family portrait. Creating a family portrait brings everyone together and displaying it in your home reflects what's important in your life. Each time you look at your portrait it will touch your heart.

Now more than ever, families are realizing the importance of creating multigenerated portraits, memorializing their family. If this is something you've been considering - do it now!

Show Your Personality
Your family is special and your family portrait should reflect that. Don't settle for an ordinary photograph. Let us create a portrait for you that shows your unique personality and affection. Check out our "Styles of Photography" section of this website. Choose from relationship, traditional or lifestyle photography.
Choose Wisely

Once you've gotten everybody together, make sure you get the results you want. Our photographer has years of experience working with families and large groups, and it shows. He's great with children, and past clients all agree about how much fun they had.

Our studio can accommodate groups up to 40, or we can photograph your family on location.

A Decision You Won't Regret
A family portrait is an important step in your family's life. If you have been wanting to have your portrait taken, we can assure you that you will not regret investing in this very special family keepsake. And you will be pleasantly surprised at what a great memory you will make for your family just in your portrait session. Our families have so much fun, and exchange both tears and laughter during the portrait and viewing sessions.
Look your Best

For advice on clothing or getting ready for your portrait session, please return to the Home page and refer to our "Resource Links" section. You find lots of great advice. Or call us at the studio - we would love to help you!

"Wayde is excellent, wonderful with everyone, especially the children. He captures special moments. Every time we see our portrait it brings a smile to our face. I think about our experience... No one can take better portraits than Wayde." Dr. Anna Trotier

There's nothing that means more to you than your family.
And there's no family quite like yours.

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